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Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Support for the creation of new businesses and for the business sector in general. The necessary creation of stable, quality employment implies promoting entrepreneurial initiatives and providing those people interested in creating their own businesses with the tools enabling them to turn their ideas into viable businesses, and in turn, to bring employment and economic growth. The Board for Economic Promotion of Cuenca´s Local Authority runs several schemes and projects in this field.


Ventanilla Única Empresarial de Cuenca Single-application office for businesses.
Collaboration with the Official Trade and Industry Board of Cuenca for the development of a single-application office for businesses. The main objective of such an office is to ease bureaucratic processes when starting up a new business.
Support for the creation of new businesses and for the business sector in general
Apoyo a proyectos I+E en Cuenca Support for R & D projects.
Support for initiatives and business projects to qualify as ‘Innovators’ and promoters of stable employment in our council (R & D projects), awarded by SEPECAM (Government-run Employment Services of Castilla La Mancha).

Asesoramiento y asistencia para la creación de empresas en Cuenca Advice and assistance for creating businesses.
Technical assistance for potential entrepreneurs with the management and viability of business plans.

Fomento del espíritu empresarial en Cuenca Promotion of entrepreneurial culture.

Gestión de Proyectos. Promoción Económica de Cuenca Management of the project Cuenca Enterprising in Equality. This project, which came to an end in 2008, has meant an investment of approximately 1.000.000 Euros and has been co-financed by the European Social Fund. The main objectives of the project are:
To create micro-businesses.
To improve the schemes and processes helping the founding of businesses.
To research and implement new ways of funding.
To promote enterprise culture and facilitate the creation of businesses among women.
To promote student enterprise culture.

Microcréditos. Promoción Económica de Cuenca Micro-loans policy for financing business projects. The Promotions Board finances, at a fixed interest rate of 3% (up to a maximum of 12.000 euro to be returned in 4 years’ time), the expenses and initial investments necessary to start up a business. Since its launch at the end of 2007, sixteen loans have been awarded to new entrepreneurs.

Microcréditos. Promoción Económica de Cuenca Since 2007 the Promotions Board has held a yearly Business Projects Contest with the aim of promoting entrepreneurial culture and business initiatives. The contest prizes are co-financed by different city institutions such as banks (La Caixa, CCM, Caja Madrid, Caja Rural de Cuenca) and the Trade Board. These prizes consist of 6000 euro for the best project and three runner-up prizes of 3.000 euro each. A total of 44 business projects have taken part in the various competitions so far.
Concurso de Emprendedores en Cuenca
El Patronato de Promoción Económica de Cuenca participa en en encuentros y ferias Participation in meetings and trade fairs. Business fairs organised by the Provincial Government (Diputación de Cuenca) and the University of Castilla La Mancha (UCLM).

Cooperación empresarial en Cuenca Institutional cooperation.
Design and management of agreements and collaboration protocol, financially endorsed, alongside institutions and business organisations for promoting economic activity. Official Trade and Industry Board of Cuenca and CEOE Cepyme Cuenca.