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Industrial Estates

Infrastructures and facilities of commercial interest. Industrial estates.

The city of Cuenca is host to several industrial estates, mainly located in the southeast of the city. One of the latest developments to have been completed is the Carretera de Motilla Industrial Estate, laid out by the Industrial Land Commission.

Cuenca´s Local Authority and the Regional Government of Castilla La Mancha, with the support of private investors, are nowadays promoting the development of new industrial plots in Cuenca, comprising 3.500.000 m2, located at 4.5km from the capital, on the road to Teruel.

The Public Limited Company ‘Sociedad Mixta de Gestión de Suelo Industrial de Cuenca, S.A.’ has been founded in order to complete this development, with initial funding of six million euro, 51% of the funds being public and the rest private. The social aim of this Public Limited Company comprises “the management and implementation of urban planning for promoting business activities and obtaining lands for their development”.

Part of the investment funds (2.970.000 Euros) are being offered to private investors, with shares worth 30.000 Euros each.

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Industrial Plots in the Province of Cuenca


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