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Training and Employment

The actions performed in this field will be in agreement with the objectives of current employment policies at European, national and regional levels. It is the responsibility of the autonomous regions to develop employment policies, although their planning and management must take into account a local perspective, in order to meet the needs of a given territory in such a way that they promote and support initiatives that generate jobs at a local scale.

On a local scale the activity of Cuenca’s Local Authority regarding employment promotion will be organised around programmes co-financed by the Ministry of Employment and Industry (SEPECAM), the Spanish Administration and the European Social Fund:

marca de párrafo Job-skills promotion programme and work placements. Workshops.
marca de párrafo Integrated employment plan (P.I.E).
marca de párrafo FORMATIC project (Learning of advanced ICT skills).
marca de párrafo Employment centre. Careers advice programme and coordinated management of employment policy.


marca de párrafo Employment workshops and apprenticeship training.
Co-financed by the Government-run Employment Services of Castilla La Mancha (SEPECAM) and the City of Cuenca Commission. Aimed at carrying out work experience for professionals in the field of restoration and renovation of architectural heritage sites.

marca de párrafo Integrated Employment Plan.
The integrated employment plan falls into the framework of combating endemic unemployment as reported in the regional employment agreements. It consists of a programme, which with the support of local employers will: generate part time employment for those out of work, develop projects of general or social interest and which will be aimed at those groups at risk of social exclusion or workers with low professional qualifications. Workers will be contracted for a period of three months.

marca de párrafo Project FORMATIC Cuenca
(Training in Information and Communication Technologies).
This project, co-financed by the Ministry of Public Administrations and the European Social Fund, is aimed at the specialised training of unemployed workers in sectors related to the creation and management of digital contents for television and the internet.

marca de párrafo Cuenca integrates.
This project, which is co-financed by the Regional Administration of Employment and Work (JCCM), is aimed at training unemployed people with low qualifications, in sectors related to personal services and services for businesses (home aid, industrial cleaning services, maintenance services, shop assistance, catering and so on).

marca de párrafo Employment centre.
Municipal service of information and work-relations mediation. Management of private and public employment offers.

Training and employment. Cuenca