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Information Society

Promotion of information society and administrative modernisation.
Cuenca’s Local internet centres is going through a modernisation process which aims at, among other objectives, improving its services for citizens, businesses and other administrations. This process, which is being developed in several progressive stages, started as part of the implementations of the ‘Cuenca Digital City’ project (Junta de Comunidades Castilla La Mancha -MITYC 2004-207), and the project ‘Integrated system for citizen services’ of the Modernisation of Local Administration e-Model (MAP 2006-2007) and also the project ‘Cuenca Local Progress: Understanding and circulation of ICT tools in local areas’ (Plan Avanza - MITYC 2007-2008).

These projects are enabling us to establish the limits and the workings that will shape the stipulations under law 11/2007 on the access of citizens and businesses to electronic public services.
Information Society
The Financial Promotion Board and the ICT Office are collaborating in the design and management of schemes that intend to promote information technology society and the availability of digital public services.

Cuenca’s Local internet centres is nowadays developing several projects in this field, some of them co-financed within the Plan Avanza framework and the Local Progress Solutions Scheme (Estrategia Avanza Local Soluciones):
Digital services for citizens and businesses (Plan Avanza MITYC- Subprograma Servicios Públicos Digitales).

Creation of digital contents for culture and tourism (Plan Avanza MITYC – Subprograma Avanza Contenidos):

Design and introduction of tools for a sustainable society: Urban planning and Local Agenda 21(Plan Avanza 2 MITYC -
     Subprograma Servicios Públicos Digitales).

Pilot project for promoting Online Urban Planning (Plan Avanza RED.ES). Project orientated towards creating tools
     to offer citizens and businesses instant and customised urban planning information on the Local internet centres website.

Cuenca Mobile Project. Aimed at adjusting contents for navigation devices (mobile phones, PDAs) and the provision
     of information services for citizens and businesses through mobile phones.

Design and implementation of an integrated files processor for the Local internet centres. This project will speed up and make
     more effective council management, upgrading the services offered to citizens and businesses.
 Local internet centres.
The commission runs, in collaboration with the Insula Barataria Foundation and the Organisation RED.ES, several internet centres across the city. This centres facilitate public access to the internet for those citizens which do not have it and organises courses and sessions of ICT literacy for different social groups.