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Programa Urbanismo en Red

Urban initiative

Urban initiative. Cuenca-San Antón: Singular y Plural.
Urban Proyect
The new stage in the implementation of European funds for 2007-2013 will focus on strengthening local and urban development plans, following the EU directives on cohesion policies, in particular taking into account the report of the European Commission addressed to the European Council and Parliament on “Cities and cohesive policies: urban contribution to regional development and employment” COM (2006) 385 end of July 2006.

The Spanish Administration, through the European Founding Department, takes part in each Regional Project thanks to a new Urban initiative (based on regulation 5, on “Convergence regions, Phasing in and Phasing out”; and on regulation 4: “Regional Competitiveness and Employment”), with the purpose of continuing the successful experiences obtained in the implementation of the Urban Initiatives and Urban Pilot Projects since 1994.

This action, funded with 344 million Euros from ERDF subsidies, is intended for councils with a resident population of over 50.000 inhabitants and for head-of-province cities, even though their population may be below the aforementioned figure.

Cuenca’s Local Council takes part in this new stage with the project ‘Cuenca-San Antón: singular y plural’ by means of the Commission for Economic Promotion. This project, alongside those of another 42 Spanish cities, has been chosen by the Spanish Economic and Taxation Ministry and the European Union to be implemented from 2008 to 2013. The following table shows yearly budgets as well as the intended spending of each administration.



Year Specifications Eurpean Union EU Local Authority funding
2008 220.000 154.000 66.000
2009 2.256.000 1.579.200 676.800
2010 2.787.000 1.950.000 836.100
2011 2.958.000 2.070.200 887.400
2012 1.229.000 860.300 368.700
2013 345.000 241.500 103.500
  9.800.000 6.860.000 2.940.000
Proyecto Urban, Ayuntamiento de Cuenca; Unión Europea, Iniciativa urbana